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Data Sources

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Data Warehouses
    1. Presto
    2. Redshift
    3. Athena
    4. Google BigQuery
    5. PostGres
    6. MySQL
    7. Snowflake
    8. Databricks
  3. Spreadsheets
    1. Google Sheets
  4. BI Tools
    1. Looker
    2. Tableau
  5. Other APIs
    1. Salesforce
    2. Rest API
  6. Best Practices


We support the data sources listed below. If you are connecting to a database, we suggest you create a user profile specifically for Matik that only gives read access to the tables needed to create the dynamic content. If you need a data source that we currently don’t support, please let us know by emailing us.

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You have the ability to force the end user to log into the data source with their credentials before being able to generate a presentation by clicking on the Require end user to log in to access this data source. They will only be able to generate the presentation if they have access to that data with their credentials.

Data Warehouses




Google BigQuery






Google Sheets

BI Tools



Other APIs


Rest API

Best Practices

Having reliable data sources with strong data governance will improve the End User and Admin experiences. Below are the best practices for the types of data sources you might encounter:

  • Data Warehouse: create a Matik user profile instead of connecting to an existing user to prevent having to re-enter credentials if user changes occur and to limit table ACLs to Matik specific content.
  • Spreadsheet: ensure READ access of the spreadsheet is granted to Admins