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Enterprise Settings

Table of contents

  1. Provisioning
    1. Okta
    2. Users
  2. User Onboarding


If you are a Producer Admin, you will have the ability to provision and de-provision users directly from within Matik. Click on your user profile in the upper right hand corner and then Enterprise Settings to access this page.


We support SSO through Okta. In order to set this up click on the Use Okta as an identify provider checkbox and input the SAML Metadata URL and your email domain. This link will lead you to Okta’s documentation center on how to set up Matik within Okta. If you have Okta enabled, your Okta admin will also be able to manage Matik users directly from within the Okta interface.

Note that when you enable SSO, we disable the option to login with a password for everyone in the account except users with the Producer Admin role in Matik.


If you click on the Users tab you will see a list of all users who have access to Matik. To provision a new user click on the New User button on the right hand side - populate the form below. Note that once you make a user Active, they will receive an email from Matik with instructions on how to log in to the platform. Below are the different role types:

  • Admin: allow the user to onboard templates onto Matik, which includes adding/editing data sources, dynamic content, Inputs, and templates
  • End User: allow the user to view templates that have been published by admins
  • Producer Admin: gives admins access to enterprise settings

If you click on a user, the popup window below will appear that will allow you to change permissions and change the status. If you change the status to Inactive the user will no longer be able to access Matik.

User Onboarding

When you are provisioned a license you will get an email from Matik with intructions on how to log into the platform. See below:

Once you click on the “Access Matik” button you will be led to the login page below where you will need to enter a password. Note: if you have Okta set up, you will just be prompted to log in via Okta.